About Us

Our names are Jake and Ellie Hardy.  

Like many others, we have stories to tell that are rooted in the Powder Springs community, and the roots run deep. Both of our families have been a part of Powder Springs since before we were born – the Rices, Hopkins, Pendleys, and Smiths, to name a few.  Our parents attended McEachern High School, Jake graduated from Harrison High, and Ellie from Hillgrove.  Additionally, we, along with our families are longtime members of McEachern United Methodist.  Fun fact: we met on a mission trip to the Czech Republic in 2007...and the rest is history!  

What is rooted trading co?

rooted trading company started with an undefined building and a desire to preserve a historic piece of our community.  As renovations took shape, plans grew and changed, but the call to create a 'modern' general store seemed to always prevail.  Being in the center of downtown Historic Powder Springs; keeping the legacy of an “old country store” seemed to keep us 'rooted' in where we came from and who we are.

In addition to being a place of business, we aim to be a 'trading' center of ideas, experiences, and memories. Our goal is to create a place for locals and their guests to feel relaxed, connect with friends and family, and be inspired to explore more. 

We hope to share our greatest passions of serving others, and pursuing new places and experiences. To bring those feelings to life, we are combining the small-town feel of a farmer’s market with the tools and services of an adventure outfitter. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone!

Three things are core to rooted trading co.:

  1. Goods and services that inspire people to be outside and explore.
  2. Space for local makers, artisans, and businesses to showcase and sell their passions and goods.
  3. Destination for the people of Powder Springs (and beyond) to connect with friends and family, while also participating in their community.

Within the unique and exciting exterior areas beside our building, people can enjoy being outside as they play games with a snack and a drink, or simply take a break and take in the view. 

We look forward to having you visit and be a part of this new chapter in our community!