Kayak Rentals

Rental kayaks for the bathtub sailors to the crusty seaman, we can help you get out on the water. We have partnered with Crescent Kayaks to give you the best opportunity to try kayaking for the first time or be prepared for the float trip of a lifetime. Let us help you have a new experience on the water!
Please call(678-426-8305) ahead for any kayak rentals to confirm availability and ensure the quickest service.
Single Fishing Kayak $15/Hour $80/Day (8 to 24 Hours)
Hybrid Kayak/Paddle Board $15/Hour $80/Day (8 to 24 Hours)
Tandem Kayak $20/Hour $120/Day (8 to 24 Hours)
Truck Bed Extender
for Kayak Transport
$5/Hour $40/Day (8 to 24 Hours)
All kayak rentals include paddles, size appropriate PFD's, and instructions.
Delivery/Pickup of equipment is dependent on location of use. Extra fees may apply.
A waiver must be signed by all users and/or guardians over the age of 18.